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How to Ensure Productivity in the Home Office

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Optimize Your Workspace

Separate your work and private areas to create mental boundaries between work and leisure. Ensure an ergonomic setup to reduce fatigue and physical discomfort.

Start Your Day Right

Start your day without stress. Make yourself a rich and balanced breakfast without time pressure to get energized. Get out of your pajamas to get into a working mood!

Establish Structured Routines

Stick to fixed working hours, including short breaks. Integrate physical activity and fresh air into your daily routine to clear your mind.

Work with Tools

Work with to-do lists to organize tasks and set priorities. Use technologies like calendars, task managers, or communication platforms to stay organized.

Minimize Distractions

Close unnecessary tabs and notifications, and put your phone on “Do Not Disturb” mode. Set boundaries for yourself and your environment to reduce unexpected interruptions.

Communicate Regularly with Colleagues

Keep in touch with your colleagues and superiors to avoid misunderstandings and maintain team spirit.

Boost Your Motivation

Set small rewards for yourself to stay motivated, e.g., a cup of coffee after completing a task.