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Welcome to Devspire, where creativity and innovation are at the heart of everything we do. We’re not just a company; we’re a community of thinkers, creators, and pioneers committed to shaping the future of technology.

We believe that our strength lies in our team. That’s why we’re always looking for passionate, talented individuals who are eager to challenge the status quo and make a tangible impact. Whether you’re a software developer, a designer, a digital marketer, a project manager, or engaged in any other professional field, Devspire offers a dynamic work environment where your skills will be nurtured, and your career goals achieved.

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Recruitment Process

Whether you’re just starting your career or looking to take it to the next level, Devspire is the place where your work will make a difference. Explore our current openings and discover how you can contribute to the future of technology.

CV Review

At Devspire, real people review your CV, not bots! Our HR experts carefully examine each application, promising personalized feedback. Your career journey deserves our human touch.

HR Interview

After reviewing your application, we’ll reach out with an interview invite via call or email within one week, aiming to learn more about you. If you’re located near our offices, we welcome an in-person interview; otherwise, we’ll arrange an online meeting for your convenience.

Skill Check

In the next step, you’ll engage in a task or a tech-talk with your prospective colleague or team lead, depending on the position you’re applying for. It’s your chance to showcase how you think and solve real-world challenges, allowing both you and us to ensure a mutual fit with the team dynamic.

Mutual Final Decision

After the skill check, we’ll have a concluding review, address any remaining questions, and notify you of our decision. If the vibes match from both sides, we’ll seal the deal with a job offer. Your next big opportunity is just a conversation away!


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Flexible Work Arrangements: We understand the importance of balancing work with personal life. That’s why we offer remote and hybrid work options, allowing you to find the perfect blend of productivity and personal time.

Team Events

Build Connections: From Christmas and summer parties to various team events like cooking and gaming, we foster a strong, connected community. These gatherings are not just fun; they’re about strengthening our team and creating lasting memories together.

Vacation Days

Enjoy More Time Off: With Devspire, you get a generous 30 days of paid vacation each year. Use this time to relax, recharge, and pursue your passions outside of work. We believe in the importance of rest and recreation for maintaining a happy, healthy work-life balance.

Insurance Package

Comprehensive Protection: Our insurance package includes a pension scheme, occupational disability insurance, asset-building benefits, company health insurance, and accident insurance. We provide a safety net for your future, ensuring you’re covered in every aspect of life.


Stay Fit and Healthy: Our commitment to your health includes weekly Yoga sessions (online on Thursdays), access to the Hansefit program for a variety of fitness and wellness facilities, and a company bike leasing program. We support your physical well-being both inside and outside the office.

Skill Development

Grow with Us: We’re invested in your development. With individual requests for training and certifications, free access to Babbel for language learning, and group English courses, we’re here to support your continuous learning and skill enhancement.

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  • Annika Bruns
    People & Culture Manager

    Embodies a passion for teamwork and empathy, balancing company goals with employee well-being, and fostering a supportive, growth-oriented environment.

    Fun fact: Drinks her coffee through a glass straw.

  • Irena Kanarska
    Recruiting Specialist

    Aims to create a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere throughout the recruitment journey.

    Fun fact: Loves red very much, but in clothes she prefers black and blue.

  • Anatol Kanarski
    Recruiting Specialist

    Searches for new developers and helps create comfortable conditions for getting to know the company and the Devspire management team.

    Fun fact: Loves to please my family with songs and dances, and usually my youngest daughter asks me not to sing.