Eurasia aimed to transform the agricultural trade sector through digitization, making it possible for anyone, from small-scale farmers to large-scale enterprise owners, to effortlessly locate and purchase what they need online. This initiative was designed to revolutionize access to agricultural resources, eliminate barriers between suppliers and purchasers, and cultivate a more interconnected, efficient agricultural community.

ADAM (Agricultural Development at Marketplace)


Our mission was to streamline agro-entrepreneurs’ operations, turning the often complex and time-consuming task of selecting and purchasing agricultural products into a quick, pleasant experience. We aimed to revolutionize the procurement process with user-centric design and functionality, simplifying the acquisition of agricultural supplies.



Crafting a marketplace that catered to the distinct demands of the market and its clientele was crucial. Being a German company, we needed to gain a deep understanding of the Ukrainian agricultural landscape to ensure our marketplace would captivate and meet the extensive customization needs.

Solution approach

Product Consulting:
Diving deep into the market, we offered strategic guidance on platform customization, leveraging our comprehensive market and agricultural industry insights to pinpoint essential platform features and functions that would resonate with user needs and enhance usability.



Utilizing the CS-Cart e-commerce marketplace software, we embarked on a development journey that encompassed both traditional web development using PHP and modern mobile development with React Native. This approach was complemented by significant custom development to address specific user requirements, ensuring our platform was strong, adaptable, and prepared for seamless integration across devices and for future expansion.


Objectives Achieved:
We successfully launched a market-ready online marketplace, tailored to the Ukrainian agricultural market’s specific requirements. Recognizing the precious nature of farmers’ time, we managed to craft a platform that minimizes effort on search and uncertainty, enabling farmers to devote more time to their agricultural passions.



ADAM has spearheaded a significant shift towards the digital transformation of the agricultural sector, introducing an optimized, effective trading platform. This project not only improves the purchasing process for agro-entrepreneurs but also significantly contributes to the advancement and modernization of the agricultural industry across Eastern Europe, setting a new standard for digital solutions in agriculture.