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Translation tool for automotive apprentices.


For these specific automotive terms, there wasn’t a dedicated tool available.

Solution approach

Consulting and Planning:
The project management and design were handled by TM, while the implementation was carried out by Devspire.



We employed Angular for the frontend development, Nest.js for the backend, and MongoDB for the database. This combination allowed us to create a robust and efficient system, leveraging Angular’s powerful frontend capabilities, Nest.js’s framework for building scalable applications, and MongoDB’s flexible NoSQL database structure.



Online Marketing:
Topmotive publishes articles in various magazines. They cover a wide range of topics, offering insights and expertise to their readers.


Both TM and the client are satisfied with the outcome. The use of Angular for frontend, Nest.js for backend, and MongoDB for the database proved to be effective in meeting their needs.
Students can freely translate specialized vocabulary and, for some, identify the corresponding vehicle part in a graphic.

Clients perspective

Stefan Schneider
Member of the Executive Board, DVSE GmbH / TOPMOTIVE

“In projects such as the translation tool kfz-translator, the job platform Schrauberjobs or our merchandise management system tmERIK, we have repeatedly been able to convince ourselves of the high performance and commitment of devspire employees.”