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These programming languages will be in high demand in 2024!

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10. Swift:

  • Used for creating iPhone and Mac apps.
  • Fast and secure, ensuring apps run smoothly and are secure.

9. TypeScript:

  • Makes web applications more stable by predicting errors.
  • Provides a better user experience by minimizing errors on websites.

8. Ruby:

  • Perfect for websites and simple software development.
  • A simple, people-friendly language that is fun to use.

7. Go (Golang):

  • Fast and efficient, allowing programs to run quickly.
  • Good for servers and software running behind the scenes.

6. Kotlin:

  • Great for creating Android apps.
  • Makes app development faster and less error-prone.

5. Rust:

  • Very secure, meaning programs are hard to hack.
  • Good for things like secure communication and gaming.

4. Java:

  • Commonly used in many computers and smartphones.
  • Ensures programs are stable and secure.

3. C# (C-Sharp):

  • Used for developing Windows software, such as games and office applications.
  • Ensures software runs well on Windows PCs.

2. Python:

  • User-friendly and versatile, suitable for many tasks.
  • Used for websites, games, AI, etc.

1. JavaScript:

  • The core of websites, provides interactivity.
  • Enables things like online shopping and social media use.

Which programming language do you identify with the most?