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According to OpenAI, it’s well worth the $20/month to upgrade to Version 4, as the model is already supposed to be 10 times more advanced! But are the differences really that big?

Differences between versions:

ChatGPT 3.5:

  • accessible to all users
  • only suitable for simple requests
  • fast response speed
  • understands complex contexts less well

ChatGPT 4 Standard:

  • ideal for more complex inquiries
  • understands more complex context
  • better control of responses

ChatGPT 4 Plugins:

  • specific use cases
  • even smarter (through plugins)
  • access to external data (via API interfaces)

ChatGPT 4 Code Interpreter:

  • can understand and execute code
  • valuable tool (not just for developers)
  • upload & editing of files (txt, csv, images, etc.)

ChatGPT 5 – will Version 4 be replaced soon?

Already in July, OpenAI filed the trademark for Version 5! However, the release might still take a while!


What the development of GPT-5 will bring:

  1. The ability to generate voices from text (Text-to-Voice)
  2. Recognition of speech & the ability to communicate and translate in many languages
  3. Transcription of videos after file uploads
  4. Advanced neural networks for better language, responses, and creativity

GPT-5 could be the most intelligent model yet and could take productivity and automation to the next level! Until then, GPT-4 is already very creatively consistent and more powerful than the free version.