Summer Party

Annually, the Topmotive Group hosts a grand summer party, uniting employees from all locations at the headquarters in Bargteheide. The theme for the last event was “Heroes of Childhood,” aimed at enhancing Topmotive’s brand identity and reinforcing its values among employees through strategic social media engagement during and after the event.


The Topmotive Summer Party is a multi-day affair, demanding meticulous planning and organization. Devspire was tasked with event coverage, focusing on documenting daily activities and capturing content for future social media insights.



The challenge was to create content that resonated not only with Topmotive Group’s employees and their families but also to capture the attention of people outside the organization, leaving a lasting impression.

Solution approach

Online Marketing:
Our team took charge of content production during the event, actively managing real-time updates on Facebook and Instagram. We devised content formats that required capturing relevant event moments, followed by post-event processing into engaging Reels and TikTok videos, ensuring a dynamic and interactive online presence.


Objectives Achieved:
The social media coverage received widespread positive feedback. The client was highly satisfied with both the live event content and the creatively processed videos. Furthermore, the initiative spurred many employees to participate in future marketing activities and contribute to the company’s online presence.



Topmotive’s social media strategy during the summer festival significantly boosted the company’s brand awareness. Employees were engaged and educated on future social media concepts, leading to more than 10,000 views across the video content on various platforms, showcasing the power of effective social media marketing in strengthening corporate brand identity and engagement.