Smash in the Zone


Situation: The inception of a new event series in the e-sports sector needed to be publicized nationwide among Smash Bros players, encouraging a high turnout. A significant challenge was the lack of prior media coverage and the absence of a dedicated photographer/videographer to capture and create promotional content.



Challenges: Generating nationwide awareness for the e-sports event was paramount, requiring active engagement on social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter before, during, and after the event, with real-time updates on the day itself.

Solution approach

Online Marketing: Our strategy encompassed a full-service social media management package, including the development of a targeted social media strategy, content planning, creation, promotion through contests, and leveraging influencer marketing to amplify event reach and engagement.


Objectives Achieved: Our strategic social media efforts successfully attracted 94 esports enthusiasts from all over Germany to participate in the tournament, which notably took place on a public holiday. Additionally, our campaign generated over 70,000 impressions and garnered more than 550 entries for the online contest, significantly boosting the event’s visibility.



Summary: Effective and focused social media communication was key to reaching a broad and relevant audience for the esports event. Notably, our engagement strategies on Twitter proved exceptionally fruitful, facilitating significant interaction with our target demographic and setting a new precedent for social media marketing in the e-sports arena.